New City School of Music
Recital Sign Up Page
Sunday, January 15th, 2023
Levity Live at the Palisades Mall

Please click a link below to sign up for a recital time.  In person performance slots are limited during each hour to keep the recitals to a manageable length.  If a recital hour is full, you will be prompted to choose another recital time. Once you have selected a time, you will receive a confirmation message that “your response has been recorded”.

Teacher Recital Attendance:

Students are welcome to sign up for any recital time that is convenient for them.  If you would like to attend a recital hour when your teacher is attending, please reference the list below before choosing a time.

9:30am – TBA

10:30am – TBA

11:30am – TBA

1:00pm – TBA

2:00pm – TBA

3:00pm – TBA

4:00pm – TBA

5:00pm  – TBA